Hello, I'm Ro


(Well Rowena actually, but I prefer my nickname!) I joined the team in October 2018. 

I am a born and bred North Londoner and moved to Snodland in 2017. 
I have a Batchelor of Science degree in Sociology and English Literature and worked as a Playworker whilst studying.  My career prior to Clocktower was as a Chartered Manager in Operational Delivery for a Government Agency.  I had this role for 14 years and grew up alongside colleagues who became like family. 

Moving has been a huge but positive change, my partner and I have 2 small children - a girl and a boy that are 20 months apart.  My family settled here quickly and easily thanks to amazing neighbours now friends, a great community and the Kent countryside.

I got told a joke the other day:-
Q. How do you know when someone is a Vegan.?
A. Because they tell you.

Well I’m a vegan, and yes I do miss cheese, specially the extra vintage cheddar strength 7! However I became a Vegetarian when I was 11 and never looked back.  I am massively against animal cruelty and try to live a clean lifestyle which means buying organic where possible, avoiding unnecessary chemicals in personal products or around the home, avoiding plastic and recycling.  I feel changes in lifestyle (although not always easy) are important for the planet and it’s future.

I am very interested in Clocktower's 'Curiosity Approach' towards early childhood.  I am enjoying working in an environment that doesn’t rely on plastic toys and uses natural materials to inspire the children and practitioners to get creative by up cycling and recycling. The children at Clocktower are a pleasure to work with, they have made me feel part of the recycled furniture and I am excited about learning alongside them.