After School Club is open throughout our term time until 6pm.
You can choose to book a session until 4pm or 5pm instead if you wish.

We currently serve Snodland CEP School and cater for our little ones attending pre-school.

A snack bar is open for all children returning from school where they can help themselves to fresh fruit and other snacks, as well as drinks. If your child is booked in until 6.00pm, they will also be offered a light sandwich type tea.

The current fees for school aged children are as follows:

 Until 6.00pm - £10.50

Until 5.00pm - £7.00

Until 4.00pm - £3.50

(2 year old: £15.00/£10.00/£5.00 & 3/4 year old: £12.00/£8.00/£4.00)
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Please click here to see a copy of our Payment Policy, which details information on payment methods etc.

 **Please note, our After School Club is closing in July 2019**

Please visit Kent Children and Families Information Service to find alternative providers